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The Room
Inspiratus Artistic Mnd

None of this 360 Pics in my Homepage is AI-generated, but some of the movies are... with the help of image-to-image AI Art Generated this is all Photoshop and 3D Magic, pure art. This is the first screen at
I added Chucky to the scene, also walter white and morgan freeman, and added the original head of anatomical man at the bookcase, it is 9 mb picture, loadding for ok pc is 20 seconds, slow pc is a suffering of waiting, my game matrix is allthough temperemental , In time, I will have the matrix in one piece, with the bugs hopefully fixed, there are 5 chapters, with heaven eden, underconstruction, but everything is detailed and fleshed out, it aint really a game, it is more a tour to teleport through dimensions, like an alien one, an optical illusion one, Hell and Heaven, and I won't stop, making more dimensions inhabited , all with my art made, there is a terbabyte of videomovies online interacted with this website, in a year or so i will game elements and scenes far more interactions, so far the 360 Tour is complete, I hope you visited, and tell me your likes and dislikes, from this feedback, I learn to improve, sofar allthough is very original, and fleshed, it is kinda buggy at times, incase of that refresh the page, repeat it if needed, the website with the material is 1.6 gig , with a terbyte with youtube 360 movies and vimeomovies that interact with each other, sofar i could not link hotspots in a youtube, that would make whole thing complete, and than would be a a real joy to be in my multiuniverses , I call this a beta version, in a year or so, everyone can enjoy it, even on some old pc's cuz that sad and a drag to wait a hell of time, and yeah fast connection is a must, I have my piece in its detailed highest compression, it from me now to degrees its matrix for an easy loading time, so i hope you give me feedback?


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